Donna Mercado Kim - Selling us out for her ambition

Presided over the most dysfunctional state senate ever

Bullied testifiers. Gutted and replaced bills. Sneaky moves to kill the PLDC repeal and GMO labeling. Appointed bullies to chair committees

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Appointed Monsanto lobbyist to Water Commission com.

Appointed a Monsanto lobbyist to the Water Commission nominating committee right after Monsanto was turned down for a water alotment

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Interfered with the will of the Legislature and the voters

Aided Malama Soloman and Clarance Nishihara in numerous sneaky and bullying tactics to delay and divert the repeal of the developer-friendly PLDC

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Ethics Violation

Pressured UH to accept her son into their program while she was in charge of their state funding.

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Opposed increasing minimum wage

Killed it in 2013.  Fought it in 2014.

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Voted no on marriage equality

She is courting the Repubican, religious right vote.

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Sukamoto Sia

Palled around with Indonesian con man

Buddies with Sukamoto Sia aka Sukarman Sukamto, high-flying Indonesian con artist arrested for fraud. He was arrested on a Las Vegas flight accompanied by Donna. She later attended his lavish wedding in Monaco.

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Vote in the Democratic Primary Aug 11, 2018.  ANYBODY BUT KIM

Vote for an actual
democrat August 11

Don't be fooled into voting for a Republican masquarading as a Democrat.  Imagine the damage Kim can do in the House - voting with the GOP to strip GLBT rights and hand our government over to Monsanto et al.  Kim is actually hostile towards the environment and to working folks.

Friends don't let friends vote for Kim